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Want To Setup Frontier Mail On iPhone?

Today, in this journal you will find the steps to setup Frontier Email on your iPhone. In our previous post, we had discussed the steps to setup frontier mail on Android device.

We have received regular comments from our customer in which they have asked the steps to configure frontier mail on their iPhone. Keeping their comments on priority, we are going to discuss the steps with you in detail. You must read all the steps carefully before implementing it on the device.

All these steps which we are going to discuss today will work on every apple model. The basic SMTP, IMAP and POP server settings for Frontier com login are almost same. If you find any problem in understanding the things, then feel free to contact at Frontier Email support number provided on the official website. Most of the iPhone users have subscribed to the frontier communications, so they use the frontier account as primary account for all their communication purposes.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps with you. Please pay kind attention to each and every step.

  1. Open the iPhone settings from the home screen.
  2. Go to Mail, contacts and calendar option from the settings menu.
  3. Select ‘add account’ option present below iCloud tag and click on ‘other’ if the email service provider is not given on the iPhone screen.
  4. Click to choose mail account and enter the details in the fields given below.
  5. Name: Enter the name in this field of your own choice.
  6. Email address: In this box, type the username of your Frontier email login. This acts as the email address for login.
  7. Password: Now enter the password in the box. This password is the one, which you use to login to the account. If you forgot the password, then there is nothing to worry, simply click on ‘forgot password’ link. The password link will then be sent to the secondary account. In the case of any frontier help, you can contact email service provider.
  8. Description: This is an optional You can leave it blank.
  9. Click on ‘next’ to continue.
  10. Now choose the POP option for incoming mail server the enter the details according to what is mentioned below:

Hostname: Your hostname will be POP3 followed by

Username: This is again the email address of your Frontier mail account.

Password: Your frontier account password. Enter it carefully.

  1. Now for outgoing mail server, enter the following details


Username: Email account address is the username

Password: This is same as your email account password

  1. Click to save the options.
  2. Now go to advanced settings from the settings option under account and tap on incoming settings.
  3. Click to enable SSL authentication.
  4. Password authentication should be tick marked.
  5. Port number for an incoming server is 995.
  6. Now, it’s the time to enter details of your outgoing port settings.

Click on ‘yes’ to enable SSL.

Authentication type: Password

Server port number: 465

  1. It all done. You can now send and receive messages in your inbox folder on iPhone device. Just open the mail app and click on the account and allow synchronization for real-time

The setup is almost complete now, If you want to send a mail to someone from your frontier mail account, then you can do so from your iPhone device. Yes, if you are getting any problem in this regard, then do mention your problem in the comment box. We will try to revert to your query as early as possible. Your feedbacks are like motivation for us, so don’t hesitate to ask anything over it.


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