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What Is The Purpose Of Adding Email Quotas & Size Limits In Frontier Email?

Frontier email is a business-class email service that is extremely concerned on how to protect the email accounts of their users. For that, they have defined certain email quotas and size limits. Let us find out the detail of what the email quotas and size limits are that Frontier email has to offer.

Frontier email has taken steps to reduce spam. What the company has done is that they limit the amount of email their customers can send per hour and per day. If you are using Frontier email, then you will have to abide by these limitations. These limits are sufficient to ensure that you can send emails within a reasonable quantity. The steps taken by the company is to stop large volumes of email that may be generated by viruses, spam bots, etc.

How much space you will get on your Frontier mail server depends on the service plan you have. In order to find out as to how much space you have, you need to log into ‘Frontier Account Editor’. You need to use your complete Frontier, FrontierNet, Epix, NewNorth, Global Valley, CitLink email address. You need to click ‘Email’ followed by ‘Web Site Storage Usage’. You will not be able to exceed your space allotment on the mail server. If you see a message on your screen that the quota limit has been exceeded, then it is going to be bounced back to you along with a notice in which it’s given that you are over quota and due to that, the message can’t be delivered.

The company recommends that you should not try to send any attachments that are larger than 2-3 MB in size.

  1. You should try saving your pictures in .jpg format instead of .bmp format, as the former takes less space and expedites the sending process.
  2. You should also consider using FTP space rather than emailing because by doing that, you will just email a link rather than sending the entire file.

If you are using Frontier’s residential account in order to send email for your business, then you need to consider upgrading to business class service. With a business class product, you become eligible for hourly/daily message threshold than the residential product.

Quota Warning: The quota will be checked whenever a new email is added to your mailbox on the mail server. When the disk usage exceeds 85 percent of the total quota, then you are going to see an automatic quota-warning message. If you want to reduce the amount of space that is being used by your email, then you need to consider deleting old or unnecessary emails, especially the ones with large file attachments. Also, make sure to empty your trash in order to permanently delete the emails.

Everything that Frontier email is doing is only to safeguard the email accounts of its users. With these quota limits and size limits, Frontier email is basically barring spammers from injecting their emails into the accounts of genuine Frontier email account holders.

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